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Automated MVP Ladder and reward system

Easy configure


USD/Life Time

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MVP Ladder which is fully automated

Just leave it on and NPC will do the rest

Added @mvpreset command to reset the ladder

It will also reset the monthly and weekly

if it is on the '.day' and '.week' at settings

Event will only trigger to MVPs in their respective maps

If amon ra is killed outside moc_pryd06, script wont trigger

Ragnarok PUBG(RoyalBattle)


USD/Life Time

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Players will be warped in the battle field

Play zone will be restricted

If they will die or logout, all loots will be dropped

Last man standing will be the winner

PVP MMR System

include ranking and shop


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Capture the Flag


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Other Services

Start at $15


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Custom Event scripts - your own idea

Custom Quest scripts - your own idea

Custom Battleground scripts - your own idea

Custom PvP scripts - your own idea